Getting the Most Out of USA JOBS Government Resume Builder

UsaJobs.Opm.Gov  – Getting a government job has always been for the cream of the crop and one factor that seems to set many applicants from others apart is the resume, but the format for the Government resume is going through change and so the need for services such as USAJOBS resume builder are now more important than ever. Lately, the Federal Government has been making a push towards making a universal format for all Government applications and so what may have been the norm last year isn’t the norm now.UsaJobs.Opm.Gov

Basically the Office of Personnel Management, or the OPM, got together all the key Government agencies in order to come up with a resume format that encompasses all of the areas of the Federal Government. Now all critical data that is required has been structured to fit all Government resumes and the format doesn’t change.UsaJobs.Opm.Gov

This is important because there were many well qualified applicants that may have never emerged as some people are better than others when it comes to writing resumes. Now thanks to services such as USAJOBS it is now possible for anyone to be able to put together or effectively update their resume by using their resume builder. Using the USAJOBS resume builder you can easily and effectively create one Government resume that will work universally for any position that you may want to apply for.

UsaJobs.Opm.Gov – While all the crucial criteria will remain the same, in order to get the most out of the USA JOBS resume builder you should address the following:

• Keywords: Knowing what keywords to use is paramount. Your own resume should include the proper keywords that convey how qualified you are and that also show that you contain the specific knowledge needed to effectively do your job. A god place to look for ideas on keywords is in the job announcement itself.UsaJobs.Opm.Gov

• Get to the Point: Because Government jobs are in such high demand there will be an abundance of applicants trying to get the same job that you are. Be sure to get right down to the point and when you are designing your resume using USA JOBS resume builder make sure that your credentials pop out within the first few seconds of the resume.

• Follow the Flow: The recent resume rule changes are what prompted the USA JOBS resume builder to be created. When using the resume builder stick to the blue print that is laid out for you. It may be tempting to stray from the formula, but that could end up costing you an interview. Go with the flow that USA JOBS resume builder provides and take advantage of the prep work that has already been done for you.UsaJobs.Opm.Gov

Your Government resume may have become more streamlined in nature, but it is still the key to you standing out from all the other applicants who are going after your dream government job. Fortunately there are services such as USA JOBS resume builder that can help you to create the perfect Government resume each and every time. Because the rules have changed in regards to the government resume format, if you have not already updated your Government resume now is the time to do so.USA JOBS

UsaJobs.Opm.Gov – Jason Kay is a professional government resume writer and regular contributor to, which provides federal govt resume writing tips & job application assistance.UsaJobs.Opm.Gov

USA jobs gov: The Government Job Description

USAJobs.Opm.Gov – USA jobs gov are becoming more and more popular with the decreasing numbers of jobs. The US is experiencing a lot of problems right now with regards to economy, jobs and recently, it is getting a lot of negative press. Though, unemployment may be very rampant across the country, the USA jobs gov are still being advertised in a number of government agency sites. Such jobs vary from aids, technicians, pharmacists, I.T specialists and analysts in a number of services. Of course, being USA jobs gov, there are a variety of requirements, details and aspects that are required in order to fit into the job description.”USA jobs gov

Education and experience “USAJobs.Opm.Gov
Most USA gov jobs require experience, training or special training prior the job. From lawyers, scientists, management, IT to manual labor, the jobs require experience and expertise since these are mostly requiring them to work as soon as possible. Expertise is checked depending on the educational background, past work experiences and if the job description or objectives have been executed before. This also means that extensive exams and multiple callbacks are done to screen the applicants. The jobs are quite specialized and require particular areas of expertise and knowledge.

Army or civilian jobs “USAJobs.Opm.Gov
The USA gov jobs could be for civilians or those who have military experience. Depending on the job, you will find jobs that are particular for civilians and there are jobs that require special military training or prior experience in the government. Of course, there will be jobs that require extremely particular descriptions like geneticists, scientists and others. There are particular jobs that can be taken like management jobs, assistance, finance and housing. Specific skills may also be needed like being multi-lingual, science training, machine and equipment use, health and medical training, management skills and other particular aspects. UsaJobs.Opm.Gov


Qualifications “USAJobs.Opm.Gov
All jobs require the applicant to be US citizen. This is an opportunity that is only offered to citizens since this is a government post. There are so many benefits that a lucky candidate can get if he or she gets the job. Opportunities like these are very crucial for many right now so if you feel that you have the expertise, experience and capacity to work for the U.S government, you go and take advantage of the opportunities that are presented to you on the online posts and government bulletins. USA gov jobs are quite limited but they offer stability for those who want to have a new career.USAJobs.Opm.Gov

Federal Job Search Strategies

UsaJobs.Opm.Gov – Despite constant calls by politicians and policy makers to reign in government spending, the federal government remains the largest employer in the United States. According to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management, there are currently more than 2,700,000 employees working for the federal government in civil service positions. For nearly every federal job vacancy, the number of applicants exceeds the number of available positions by at least tenfold. UsaJobs.Opm.Gov

Why do so many Americans aspire to a federal job? The answers are diverse. Some consider it a patriotic duty, while for others it’s an act of enlightened self-interest. Whatever your motivation, however, the benefits are significant. Simply put, Uncle Sam is an excellent boss.

Working for the federal government offers employment stability that cannot be replicated in the private sector. Once a new employee completes a predetermined probationary period (usually 1 year), lifetime employment is nearly guaranteed. Laws and regulations governing federal personnel practices make it extremely difficult to fire, lay-off, or forcibly transfer most employees. On the rare occasions when lay-offs do occur, displaced employees are given very preferential hiring treatment for similar positions that becomes available. The result is that very few federal employees have ever missed a day of work due to a lay-off.

Fringe benefits, including an excellent retirement package, are also a major motivating factor. Health benefits for federal employees are generally better than those offered in the private sector, and the government currently picks up more of the premium costs than most private employers. For an employee enrolled in Blue Cross/Blue Shield’s family coverage, for instance, the government currently pays $578 of the $771 monthly premium. Retirement benefits are based on a complicated formula that incorporates the employee’s salary, years of service and retirement age, but independent studies consistently determine that the plan is more generous than nearly all private sector employers. UsaJobs.Opm.Gov

Federal salaries are competitive as well. In 2005, the average salary for all federal workers worldwide is $60,203. Due to the salary structure and political realities, raises are virtually guaranteed every year. In January 2005, the raise was set at 3.5%. In addition, salary adjustments are made for employees in major metropolitan areas.

Federal service also provides far more opportunity for advancement than most other employers. At the senior management level (known as the Senior Executive Service, or SES), salaries range from $107,550 to $162,100. There are currently approximately 7,000 SES employees in federal service.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder that many job seekers are trying to land a position with the federal government. While the competition is fierce, here are some key strategies that can help you in your search:

1. Check the government’s official employment web site ( often. Virtually every federal job vacancy is listed there, and it’s updated every day. Most vacancy announcement are only open for a period of approximately 3 to 4 weeks, and the application process can be detailed, so it’s best to check frequently so you can start working on your application as early as possible.

2. Avoid services that claim to help you land a federal job. Companies that guarantee you a federal job are scams, and these services can’t do anything that you can’t do yourself.

3. Be willing to accept a pay cut. While federal salaries are competitive, the compensation structure is such that salaries typically start low but increase quickly. Every federal job has a starting grade and a “full performance” grade. Typically, professional positions start at grade 7 in the federal pay scale (referred to as General Schedule-7, or GS-7), and increase to GS-9, GS-11 and GS-12 at 1-year intervals. For an employee in Washington, D.C., that would mean starting with an annual salary of $35,452 but earning $62,886 after three years of service (not counting the annual government-wide salary increases of approximately 3% per year).

4. Consider “trainee” positions. The term has a negative connotation, but starting in a designated trainee position can be a great way to get your foot in Uncle Sam’s door. These positions, which generally require no specific work experience, are typically filled at the GS-5 level ($25,000 – $30,000 per year). Because many federal jobs are only available to current or former federal employees, working as a trainee for a year or two often opens a lot of doors.

5. Read the vacancy announcement carefully. Procedures for applying for a federal job have been streamlined in recent years, but it’s vitally important that your follow the instructions provided to the letter. Unlike their private sector counterparts, federal hiring managers have to abide by standardized procedures without exception. For instance, they are legally prohibited from considering applications that arrive after the closing date on the vacancy announcement–even one day late. Likewise, if you don’t submit the requested documentation on time (transcripts, etc), they can’t collect it from you later.

6. Bulk up your resume. This may be good advice for any job hunter, but it’s particularly important when applying for a federal position because of the way initial GS grades (i.e., starting salaries) are determined. Many vacancy announcement can be filled at any of a few different GS grades, and the level at which a new hire is brought on board is determined by his or her years of pertinent employment history. It is a little-known secret that federal hiring managers want to start new hires at the highest grade they can justify, because by doing so they can minimize the risk of turnover. Most federal employees who leave government service before retirement do so during the first five years of their career, because starting salaries in the private sector are higher.UsaJobs.Opm.Gov

So, how can you help your new agency pay you more? If you’re in a position that makes it difficult to gain work experience in your desired field, remember that self-employment, if legitimate, counts as employment experience for federal hiring purposes. For instance, if you’re a stay-at-home mother with the goal of re-entering the workforce as a writer, working from your home as a freelance writer for three years would count as work experience when you apply for that federal job. Incidentally, on the date of this article there are currently 27 writing and editing vacancies listed on the USA Jobs web site!

7. Above all, don’t give up. Although the competition for federal jobs can be tough, the benefits are well worth the effort. Like any job search, most applicants can realistically expect to be turned down many times before they are offered a position. Tenacity and a positive attitude are your most vital assets.

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The 3 Most Important Things To Know When Applying for Federal Jobs

UsaJobs.Opm.Gov – The federal hiring process received a great deal of attention in 2010 and 2011 with the Obama administration’s efforts to make the process simpler and more applicant-friendly. Many agencies rose to the challenge and implemented improvements. Yet, job candidates have indicated that while their overall experience has improved, more can be done.

Last year, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) released an upgrade of USA Jobs-the federal government’s official jobs clearing house used by millions to identify and apply to government jobs. While the upgrade received a number of complaints, it remains the government’s official centralized portal for job postings and applications processing.

At the heart of all of this are the citizens interested in finding a federal job. According to OPM, more than 22 million applications are submitted each year. While this is a staggering number of applications, it is surprising how many of these applications do not make it through the initial screening process. UsaJobs.Opm.Gov

While serving as the Chief Human Capital Officer for the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), we undertook a comprehensive analysis of the job applicants for our advertised vacancies. I, as were many of my agency colleagues, was surprised to learn that for most of our entry level positions, more than half of all applications submitted were screened out before the applicants’ qualifications were ever reviewed by a member of my team. In speaking with my staff that had worked in other agencies, I learned this was a common occurrence.

Some on the staff attributed the high screen-out rate to applicants not reading vacancy announcements. However, it was fairly easy to see that the phenomenon was at least in part attributable to the complexity of the process – to include the terminology. Perhaps the most interesting finding was that many of the candidates simply did not understand the requirements – either of the job itself, the application process, or the qualifications. For example, a significant number of candidates failed to submit all of the required documentation to support responses to the on-line questionnaire by the application deadline. UsaJobs.Opm.Gov

The three most important things a federal job seeker can do to increase the likelihood their resume will actually be seen by a hiring manager are:

    • Review “Who May Be Considered” in the vacancy announcement to ensure eligibility. Admittedly, figuring this out can be challenging – especially when the language is anything other than plain. The broadest eligibility category is all U.S. citizens. If the job is only open to status candidates, generally, you must have completed three years of competitive federal service to be considered. The language here will be very specific. If you do not meet the criteria or fail to provide the supporting documentation, your application will be rejected.
    • Review the job duties to determine whether your previous education and experience can be described in a way that makes it clear you have the knowledge and experience to do the job. This is not the time for fanciful wishing. The individuals who make it beyond the screening process will clearly demonstrate having the right knowledge and experience. So, target jobs that are consistent with your education and experience. UsaJobs.Opm.Gov
  • Complete ALL of the steps listed in the “How to Apply” section of the announcement – especially the instructions for submitting required documents – and do so before the closing date. It is rare that application materials are accepted after the deadline because no one applicant may receive a “benefit” (such as having additional time to apply) that is not extended to all applicants. Individual computer or network issues are not acceptable reasons for requesting an exception.

Federal employment can be both rewarding and exciting. But to serve, you have to be selected. The key to being selected is identifying appropriate opportunities and submitting a complete and competitive application before the deadline, or closing date.

Please be in touch if you’d like assistance with your resume or getting through the federal hiring maze.
(301) 927-2389 metro Washington DC

UsaJobs.Opm.Gov – A More Secure Choice for Government Employment

UsaJobs.Opm.Gov – It used to be that applying for a job with the Federal Gov required massive forms such as the 171, with its multiple pages and boxes to fill in and multiple stamps to mail. Just finding a job required a trip to the library who had the listings and the Federal Register publications. It was time-consuming and tedious, you really had to work for it and then wait patiently for a return.

But Today OPM USAJobs is the Government’s super-convenient user-friendly UsaJobs.Opm.Gov  online one-stop job center. It is a well-designed UsaJobs.Opm.Gov website with multiple, easy to use and understand help screens and FAQ areas. The Federal Government is very large and layered, acronyms abound and navigation into this realm used to require much additional research and materials. Today OPM USAJobs makes the search and application process a straightforward process. The website has the necessary online forms and capabilities to develop up to five online resumes and add supplementary documents for an ongoing search and apply process.

The UsaJobs.Opm.Gov website easily explains many terms that a job-seeker will find as part of a job description and does an excellent job of describing the workings of being a Federal employee. The Government uses many forms and types of communications and most are described here. Processes for changing jobs within the system as well are listed. The UsaJobs.Opm.Gov website is easily used by those applying for jobs and those employees seeking changes or advancement opportunities.”UsaJobs.Opm.Gov

Almost all large-scale employers today use online applications and forms for recruitment. Not all are as easily used and understood as OPM USAJobs. Many employers use a common vendor for their applications, some employers also use online “psychology” tests to appraise attitudes. These are similar to the tests that police departments use to seek out whether or not the candidate is truthful or not and use a process of asking the same question three different ways in three locations to measure consistency. USAJobs does not use this process and the candidate avoids demeaning mind-games. The UsaJobs.Opm.Gov website is at once easy to use, extremely informative and navigates simply. FAQ’s actually answer real questions which would have required in-depth research before. The reality is that the Government carries out large-scale work and requires specialized personnel with in-depth knowledge. USA Jobs allows these candidates to provide supplementary information that further helps them make an excellent presentation. Human Capital Management has come a long way since paper forms and the Federal Register, USAJobs is an excellent resource and open door to Government service.

OPM USAJobs is a 21st century technology for a twenty-first century problem: the hiring of massive numbers of federal employees using digital means. Check out our site for more info.

www.USAJobs.Opm.Gov : A More Secure Choice for Employment

USAJobs.Opm.Gov Looking for Gov opportunities? If you are looking for a job in government, this article is the place to start. A steady paycheck, benefits and the security of a government job have drawn many people toward becoming government employees. US citizenship is required for most federal government jobs and Employment Opportunities.

Law enforcement, border patrol, and other Federal careers, citizenship and immigration services, transportation security administration jobs are a few of the categories of jobs that are available for the government. Jobs are available nationwide and overseas and additional growth is projected due to recent legislation. Thousands of federal government jobs are advertised on any given day. However, not all government jobs are advertised on their site such as www.USAJobs.Opm.Gov

Education Requirements

www.USAJobs.Opm.Gov  – Most jobs require an associate’s degree or a bachelor’s degree although with the recent economy many are requiring master’s degrees and above for certain job vacancies. Most government jobs will also allow you to substitute job experience in addition to or in place of education requirements, it is important to read the job announcement and submit the proper documentation in accordance with the job vacancy announcement.

Military Experience

If you feel your military training was so specific you aren’t qualified for anything outside your chosen field, you might be completely wrong. Many veterans are under the impression that they do not have the qualifications for certain jobs advertised on various job boards often overlooking some of the “indirect training” the received while in the military. For example, a veteran may have had their primary job description be a Computer Operator however as many veterans know as you progress in rank you are given additional responsibilities to include: training and supervising subordinates. If a veteran only searches for “Computer Operator” jobs they may miss out on many supervisor or training jobs listed, it is best to review the job posting description and apply by uploading your resume and filling out your KSA’s. ” www.USAJobs.Opm.Gov


USAJobs.Opm.Gov – K.S.A stands for Knowledge, Skills and Abilities; these essay statements are frequently required when applying to government jobs. These are narrative or essay statements, which are frequently required along with a resume when applying for government jobs. How well an applicant can show that he or she matches the position’s defined KSAs determines whether that person will be seriously considered for the job. Your goal is to receive a high proficiency ranking from the information provided on your. Key words and phrases must stand out and support your application and background. If you have never written a KSA, I would recommend performing a Google search for KSA writers. When choosing a potential provider look to see if the KSA writers offer a guarantee, turnaround time, success rate and if they offer examples not just the price. Though the cost may seem pricey to some the return on investment is something that cannot be overstated.USAJobs.Opm.Gov


Most government jobs in which you apply for will send you a notification in the mail after the close out of the job vacancy announcement. Applicants will be given a numerical score for each job they apply for. Some factors affecting the applicants score are: resume weight, KSA questionnaire, veteran’s preference, disability rating, education, and in some cases spouse preference.USAJobs.Opm.Gov

The higher your score the better your chance at landing the job, it is important to provide all necessary documentation when applying for job vacancy announcements as failure to do so can cause delays in processing or your application not being accepted at all. Also ensure you submit documentation for every job announcement you wish to apply for, even if the applicant system stores your resume or KSA’s.

Below is a list of the most common Federal Gov JobSites: